Well implemented into products not only will enhance taste, but bring joy and register with consumers who will always come back for more of that great  distinctive taste!
Our CUSTOM TAILORED PROCESS creates a flavor solution using flavors of the highest standards from our international partner Ogawa & Co.,Ltd.. Doing taste after taste to create that perfect flavor combination that's just right for you and your customers.
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  Chihsin Current Solutions :
  Flavor Map
Analyzes taste habits of consumer in order to gather precise data for flavor development
New Milk Emulsion Flavor & More
New generation of milk flavor that enriches both the flavor and
taste of milk
  Tea Flavor Kit
Breaks up the slight variations of tea flavors for research in order to create the right one, than apply our various tea accent technologies.
Citrus Matrix Flavor & More
Lemon flavors that taste like it's freshly squeezed,
and protect the citrus taste from deterioration.
  NAF (Nature & Functional Flavor)
Reduce taste deterioration and enhance shelf life to give the products a naturally fresh taste!
Coffee Matrix Flavor
Enables us to emulate your desired roast and
brewing characteristics.